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[MOL] Hi!

I'm going for my MRI tonight.  My husband, Tony, is going to take me.  Afterwards, the pictures go to my radiosurgeon at Sloan, and he'll decided what to do next.  I feel pretty OK except for my nerves.  I have gone back to my doctor at Sloan...I feel more comfortable there. 
Thanksgiving was OK...my mother-in-law brought down some food, which was good because I couldn't have cooked everything.   She had to add to my husband to keep everything very clean; wouldn't want him to catch my cancer.  I do miss my mother, my sister and my grandparents very much...I like to think of God and The Holy Spirit coming with me to all these things; it makes me feel less lonely.
Love, Hugs, and lots of prayers please, (over the next week or so),