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Re: [MOL] radiosurgery

Dearest Martha,

So glad that you are keeping us posted. While you have the latest and
probably most successful treatment of therapy and also in good hands,
please keep in mind that cancer takes sometimes years to develop. While
we are so impatient for the disease to be  rid of as a result of the
therapy, it will take some time to be rid of. You certainly are on the
right track for that success to develop and hope that you are employing
some of the holistic methods so that the disease totally is rid of and
that you are cancer a whole.

God Bless You and keep up the great work.
marty auslander

> Dear All,
> This has been new to me, but I had 15 whole brain radiations---just a
> few seconds long, each side of my head, and have been under the
> impression the stereotactic took only one day.   Might be wrong about
> that...if they can't get rid of it all in one day and will have me
> back the next, I'll certainly go!
> Love and Hugs,
> Martha
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