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[MOL] To All Molers!

Some opportunities are just too good to pass and this week both hubby and myself took the opportunities presented to us.  We had the good fortune of meeting two of our Molers, Kathy Q. and Carol O and her husband Charlie.
I believe I have now met approximately 14 Molers and never have I been disappointed.  To the contrary my life has been enriched.
First meeting up with Kathy we walked in her world of wonderful business travels.  She is congenial and yet soft underneath the exterior of "All  Business"  She loves to travel and she loves people  in general.  She is an excelent coordinator with an even disposition.  She laughs easily and warmly.  She enjoys being helpful and sharing.
Then along with Kathy, we met with "Our Carol O. (who was fast to remind me that I had offered her the Molers "Pity Pot). Both Carol and Charlie joined us for lunch.  Charlie when he smiles his eyes twinkle.  Both are nurturers.  Having had 3 children they then took in 5 long term foster care children, all with ADHD. We met one of the older girls who has graduated from College and in a successful career.  She was absolutely darling and the love she has for her parents Carol and Charlie was very evident.
I wanted to share this with all of you; so that you will come to know some of our Molers a bit better.  Actually I simply could not miss the oppertunity to brag a bit about two of our Molers.
Yes we took pictures and will share them with you!.   Love to all, lillian
We invite you to take a look at our Album.                                               
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