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[MOL] Brief history of Thanksgiving

You may think you know the history of Thanksgiving. But do you really? Way 
back in 1621, the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock gathered together with the Native 
Americans, filled up cornucopias, and feasted on turkey and pumpkin, right? 
True -- although they also had goose, duck, and venison. But that feast was a 
one-time event. And it wasn't a day of fasting and prayer, which is what 
thanksgiving meant to the pilgrims. 
So when was the first thanksgiving? Before the Massachusetts pilgrims' 
harvest feast. On Dec. 4, 1619, John Woodlief's ship arrived from England, 
landing at Virginia's Berkeley Plantation. Thankful for a safe journey, the 
crew proclaimed that day as a holy day of thanksgiving to be observed 
annually. Our current version of Thanksgiving combines characteristics of 
both events. President Roosevelt set the fourth Thursday in November as 
Thanksgiving's official date in 1941.
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