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[MOL] Breast Cancer Recurrence

Dear lillian:

I wrote to you some time ago re my own questions regarding breast cancer.
I am now writing to you re my friend who is 32, had stage 1 Breast Cancer, no 
nodal involvement, had, lumpectomy, 4 rounds of adria, radiation, 4 rounds of 
taxotere.  Less that 1 year later she has had a supraclavicular nodal 
recurrence.  Thjey toke the node out, is now taking 12 weekly doses of Taxol. 
 She has gone to 3 major cancer centers including Johns hopkins.  Each one 
has a differenct opinion as what to do next.  Some are recommending another 
12 rounds of taxol,  or 12 rounds a a drug called "novalbene)-sorry for the 
pelling, or stem cell transplant.  She is in a quandry.  Has anyone else had 
this presentation.  She is very young and 3 little kids-6,4 and almost 2.  
Please advise.  Is there another place for me to look for advise.  Thank you.

Patty Murray
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