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[MOL] We need help

MY sister was initially diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago.  She was 
doing well until 2 years ago when we found out the cancer spread to the bone 
then the liver.  Again she was under control with chemotherapy and was able 
to function and go on with living until this week.  Testing showed her cancer 
again is spreading and it has gone to her brain.  We need any help anyone can 
give us in finding a way to treat this cancer.  Is there anyone out there who 
knows of any treatments to try and stop this cancer from spreading and giving 
her more time with her family.  She has two small children who need her 
desperately.  If there is anyone out there who can help find a treatment to 
keep her going and at least stop the spread of this horrible disease please 
let us know.  MY sister is only 46 years old and she needs more time....  
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