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[MOL] Mind Body Spirit Products

I'm Marc Lesser, the Founder and President of Brush Dance.
Since 1989 Brush Dance has been creating inspiring cards and
gifts to nourish Mind, Body and Spirit.  I developed a
passion for the development of socially responsible business
while acting as the Director of Tassajara, Zen Mountain
Center, near Carmel Valley, California.

I found your site on the Web and thought you might be
interested in an opportunity to add value to your site with
an innovative utility called a VendingWizard(tm).  To find
our more, go to http://www.vendingwizard.com.

The team here at Brush Dance created this "virtual" vending
machine that allows your visitors to purchase products that
are consistent with your core mission: products such as Rumi
Calendars, meditation and Feng Shui accessories, Thich Nhat
Hanh journals, aromatherapy - all without ever leaving your
site. That is part of the uniqueness of the VendingWizard -
unlike banner ads, your visitors never leave your site.

It's incredibly easy to add the VendingWizard(tm) to your
site.  You will start earning a 10% commission on every sale
immediately. So you end up with a program that creates
revenue for you as well as a richer experience for your

There is no charge to add the VendingWizard(tm) to your
site.  If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a
few lines of HTML code to add to your Web page.  The
VendingWizard(tm) will appear as a small interactive window.

Brush Dance handles everything for you:  taking the order,
shipping the products, handling customer inquiries and
mailing your commission checks.

It's really very easy. All transactions are secure and users
don't need to download a plug-in.  The product offering is
updated on a regular basis to keep your visitors coming back
for more.

I am pleased to offer a way to extend the e-commerce
capabilities of Web sites in the "Mind, Body, Spirit" world.
Especially when it involves products that enhance our
spiritual journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Brush Dance and the
VendingWizard(tm).  You are welcome to visit Brush Dance on
the Web and find out more about the VendingWizard(tm) at

If you have any questions about the VendingWizard, please e-
mail our VP of Online Business directly:
mwells@brushdance.com.  If you would like to be removed from
our list, please reply to vwnewhost@brushdance.com with the
word "remove" in the subject line.


Marc Lesser Chief Creative Officer, Brush Dance

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