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[MOL] Petrene Soames Newsletter November 2000 Issue


Welcome to the November issue of our newsletter OPENINGS. As usual we
welcome your comments, articles, vegetarian recipes and short stories. We
hope you'll enjoy this issue. And Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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Table of Content:
1. Winter colds and flu: What you think does make a difference by Petrene
2. Managing your pain by Petrene Soames
3. Breathing... Excerpt from The Essence of Self-Healing
4. Vegan recipe: Sauté Portobello Mushrooms... Yummy!

1. Winter colds and flu: What you think does make a difference by Petrene
Last season, colds and flu affected up to 77% of all American households, as
reported by Diane di Costanzo in Family Circle (November 14, 2000). Adults
get two to four colds and the average child as many as twelve during a
typical year according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases and as quoted by di Costanzo. Another important fact that we often
ignore is that we have been bombarded for many years during the Fall and
Winter seasons with advertising campaigns and statistics that make many of
us believe that colds are a normal and inevitable part of the winter season.
However, it does not have to be that way. How many people do you know who
simply said: "I am not going to have a cold this year, I don't have time for
it", and walk through the cold season unaffected? Conscious choice and will
power do make a difference.

Stress and taking care of needs
Let's look again at those winter months: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
and the New Year celebration. These are Holidays times, family times,
wonderful times, but periods of high stress for most of us.  Our nervous
system plays an important part in the well-being of our physical body, and
when we are stressed, our bodies become run down. These high stress times
are when we strive to make things perfect. We worry the most, overdo things
physically, don't get enough sleep, forget meals, find it hard to wind down
and relax and don't take time for ourselves. Natural order and flow in our
life is replaced by turmoil. Our body becomes out of balance and weakened.
Colds happen. We race to the local store, hoping for a quick fix, denying
what our body is telling us: "It's time to slow down and take a break".
Unfulfilled needs create chaos and imbalance. Our bodies suffer. It often
only takes a few minutes to make time for what we need in our lives. Yet
it's easy to ignore this and become out of touch with our bodies and our
health. Being ill even with the common cold becomes acceptable and normal.
Being a little selfish and putting yourself first, instead of last, is not a
bad thing. Yet we often perceive it as so. The winter months may also seem
dull and dreary. But that's only one way of viewing them. They can also be
cozy, even invigorating. Put on some bright colors and take time to do
something that makes you feel good now despite snow, wind, rain and gray
skies. Remember that if the sun is not shinning where you are, you can
travel in your mind to wherever it is and feel great. So visualize that
sunny place today.

Staying well and cold free
1. Get in touch with yourself. Take at least ten minutes each day to be
still; breathe deeply from the bottom of your stomach; relax and enjoy the
wonder and joy of you.
2. Catch up on sleep and accept the amount of sleep that you need to stay
well and healthy.
3. Eat a healthy and varied diet. Eat foods that make you feel good. Do
regular gentle exercises; even a regular thirty minutes walk will make a
4. Deal with life a piece at a time. Take each day as it comes. Feel
positive about the bigger picture and future outcomes. Know that everything
is as it needs to be, no matter how it appears right now.
5. Feed yourself a diet of positive news (avoid watching or reading horror,
disasters, violence, crime, etc). Invite and allow love into your life. If
you are alone, keep working on loving you and the rest will follow.
6. Find ways to express yourself writing, drawing, talking and creating.
Remember the action is more important that the result. Enough
self-expression will keep you in the flow of life and your body in great
shape, balance and cold free.

Take care of yourself today. Fulfill your needs. Don't expect to be ill. Be
positive. Express yourself, and let colds and flu be things of the past.

Petrene Soames is the author of The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring
health and happiness into your life. In this book, the author explores the
out-of-control state of health and healthcare in the USA today and brings a
simple, yet very powerful, new perspective on the healing process. She shows
the links between our thoughts, our beliefs, and our health, then gives
step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-use techniques and exercises that can
be adjusted to individual needs. Packed with practical information, tips,
and true stories of people who have healed themselves, this book is an
invaluable resource for everyone in the need of health and happiness.
Written with warmth, charm and profound insights, this book delivers a
refreshing, invigorating and empowering feeling. For more information, go to

"My favorite parts have been the self-healing exercises, which I find very
empowering.  I feel this book is very easy to understand and not over the
head of the average reader like some new age books are." ~ Danielle
LeFlore - Hyattsville, Maryland

2. Managing your pain by Petrene Soames

P...ersonal... Pain is personal.
A...nswer... You need to find your own answers: Why and how to change?
I...nvestigate... Find out what are the bottom issues behind your pain.
N...o more... Time to say NO MORE PAIN.

Five Tips to Manage Your Pain

1. Question. Ask yourself why you are having and need to have pain in your
body and in your life. Make a decision and state firmly and clearly in your
mind: No more pain. Decide that it's your reality and that you will no
longer accept pain as a part of it.

2. Demand. Be demanding. If you are in great pain and feel you must have
medication, insist on the dosage and formula that works best for you. Accept
nothing less.

3. Do. Relax into pain. Breathe deeply. Let go of the fear. The less you
tense and fear, the less localized and intense it will be.

4. Visualize. Imagine that like a river, the stress, pain, and tension is
running away from you. Offer no resistance. Go with the flow. When you are
relieved and pain free, breathe that good feeling all through your body to
become accustomed once again to that pain free feeling.

5. Hands on. Rub your hands together. They may begin to feel warm. Place
them one on top of the other on the area where your pain is. Breathe deeply,
relax, tell yourself firmly: "I am letting go of everything I no longer
need". You can also move the hands after a while in slow gentle circles or
backwards and forwards on the pain area. Pain may just disappear, or it may
feel as if you have drawn it out. Be open to all positive possibilities.
"Petrene is the most benevolent being I've ever encountered. Her willingness
to share her vast knowledge in an understandable way transcends the norm.
She cuts through traumas in an instant that would otherwise take years to
work through in traditional therapies. I dream of the day we all wake up to
her message."
~ Annie Milzman, Austin, Texas

3. Breathing... Excerpt from The Essence of Self-Healing
Deep breathing, taking long slow deep breaths from the bottom of the
stomach, is a process I mention often throughout The Essence of
Self-Healing. To breathe is to live. On a metaphysical level, I use the idea
that each time you breathe in, you breathe in the "all that is." And each
time you breathe out, you breathe out all that you no longer need. It works.
I also mention breathing as an activator of the implosion and explosion
healing process, whereby unneeded foreign matter is expelled from the body.
On a basic physiological level, we are told that a deep abdominal breath
increases the oxygen supply to the brain and musculature and stimulates the
branch of the autonomic nervous system that promotes a state of calmness and
quiescence. Deep breathing also helps to excrete toxic substances through
the lungs.
Breathing is used in many disciplines, such as yoga, meditation and mind
control exercises. Different systems have been used in various cultures
throughout time. Recently in Russia, for example, two scientists, Professor
Vladimir Frolov and Professor Eugine Kustov disclosed a technique and
process called endogenic breathing. The theory of endogenic breathing is
based on the recent medical research of another Russian, Professor Georgi
Petrakovich's hypothesis of breathing. It has been promoted as a way to
develop longevity, the increased life span of human beings.
There are also some people who believe that the breath is a life force and
that by breathing deeply each day in a specific way we can revitalize and
rejuvenate the body and feed ourselves, even to the point of eliminating the
need for food. These people are known as breatharians. It would seem there
is still much more for us to discover about the breath and breathing.
At this time, I would suggest researching the positive benefits of breathing
for yourself by simply using deep breathing in the exercises included in
this book. I also recommend taking at least ten minutes every day to breathe
deeply from the stomach, preferably outside in the open air. Include deep
breathing in your life and observe the positive benefits for yourself; view
it as another useful tool in your collection of self-healing techniques.
What about a gift that really matters for the Christmas season? What about
bringing health, joy and empowerment to your loved ones?  We have a limited
number of autographed pre-publication copies left, so place your order now,
and don't forget to tell us to whom you want the book dedicated.

When these pre-publication copies are gone, they are gone! The first run of
the First Edition will not be available until the end of January 2001 (on
our web site) and in March at your favorite bookstore. So take advantage now
and order your copy(ies) today.at http://petrene.com/prepublication.html. Or
if you prefer, just call 281.363.9983.

4. Vegan Recipe by Etal: Portobello Mushrooms... Yummy!
All the ingredients listed below should be easy to find. Take the recipe as
a base, and use your imagination to make it even better! This recipe is so

You need...
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 Portobello Mushrooms
2 tablespoons of your favorite vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of dried dill or 1 teaspoon of fresh dill
1 or 2 tablespoons yeast extract (Marmite or Veggie Mite)

What to do...
1. Cut the mushrooms in 1/2 inch slices
2. Hit the oil and sauté the mushrooms (3 minutes or so over medium heat)
3. Sprinkle the rest of the ingredients and sauté for another 3 minutes

Serve with basmati rice. I also love it as an appetizer with the good old
fresh French bread!

Interesting web sites about vegetarianism:
a) http://www.peta-online.org/ [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals]
b) http://www.vegweb.com/ [Veggies Unite! - Lots of free recipes]
c) http://petrene.com/articles/vegetarian.htm "To be or not to be a
vegetarian" by Petrene Soames.

Share your experiences, ask questions...
Share your ESP and/or self-healing experiences and stories; explore
self-healing and discover your own amazing healing abilities. Share your
thoughts, your concerns and your joys. Meet new friends; open your mind to
new ideas. We welcome all comments, ideas and questions and look forward to
hearing from you.

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