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[MOL] thalidamide

To Whom It May Concern:
It seems funny to me that a chemically engineered drug that has impacted medicine so much, has so little information about it.  I am currently working on a molecular modeling project for my chemistry class, and I chose thalidamide as my molecule because I am interested in the effects that it had on newborns and what about its molecular structure could have influenced the birth defects.  However, as it turns out, there is little to no information about the real science behind thalidamide.  I am in desperate need of the Lewis structure for thalidamide, as well as the molecular formula, molecular weight, and elemental composition, so that I may begin working with my molecular modeling software.  If you have any information on this, please, please let me know about it.  
Thank you,
Krystal Pfluger