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[MOL] Long shot

Here goes:  In the early part of 1999, I met a wonderful woman online whose 
name is Yvonne.  We met via email that was sent mistakenly to me, instead of 
someone else with the same screen name.  She was a cancer survivor and became 
a great source of comfort and support to me in my endeavor to understand my 
mother's illness.  Her cancer recurred and I heard from her a few more times 
with the last time being July 1999.  Her screen name was YV111.  I am hoping 
that she may have visited this forum and someone here remembers her.  I know 
it's a long shot, but I've received no response to many emails sent to her 
online.  Prior to a computer crash on my end, she had given me the email 
addresses of her family - unfortunately, that info was lost in the crash.  
If anyone knows or knew Yvonne, I would appreciate an update.  
Thank you, 
Linda M.
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