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[MOL] Breast Implants Not Linked to Breast Cancer

Breast Implants Not Linked to Breast Cancer
    [11/03/2000; HealthSCOUT]

FRIDAY, Nov. 3 (HealthScout) -- In one of the largest
and longest studies of its kind, the National Cancer
Institute has found breast implants do not increase
the risk of breast cancer. Studying the medical records of more
than 13,000 women who had implants for an average of more than
12 years -- and comparing their health to that of women without
implants -- researchers found there was no increased risk for
the disease. "This is the first study that followed women who
had breast implants for more than 10 years," says Louise A. Brinton,
chief of the environmental epidemiology branch of the cancer
institute and author of the study.

The full article can be found at:


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