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[MOL] Hello !

Dear Lillian & Barbs ... thank you for your prayers & thoughts.  Yes
treatment is done & over with for now.  I am so glad to be home.  
Unfortunately I did not "bounce back" as well as I had anticipated.  I guess
the old gal doesn't bounce as well as she used to !  LOL  Last week was awful
... pressure, headaches, confusion, and SOOOOO TIRED !!!  Only worked about 2
hours a day at the office & had to give up & come home.  This week I am doing
much better ... working about 4 or 5 hours a day.  The pressure has seriously
decreased & the pains have gone away for the most part.  Still pretty tired
... seem to run out of gas quickly.  Noise really bothers me ... like the fan
noise on the computer !  So I have not spent much time on the computer
lately, and if anyone else in the house turns it on I run for the bedroom !

Last week I was really wondering if I had made the wrong decision for
treatment, but this week is so much better !  And I have to know in my heart
it was the right decision.  Funny how fatigue & feeling awful make us doubt
every thing & every one around us ?  I have to believe the worst is over & it
will only get better from here.  And  if these little suckers grow back, I
know I can do it again if I have to ... only I will fly down for treatment
... the road noise is a killer !  LOL

Hoping you all are doing great .... I am just hiding for awhile & "speed
reading". LOL

Love you all !