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Hi, Molers.
My cancer markers had been going up, so I had been anticipating low dose
taxol and herceptin soon.  Someone gave me an article about supplements
called MGN-3; its made from Japanese or Chinese mushrooms.  I've been taking
8 a day for about 10 days and then had a new tumor marker.  They had been
97, 104, 124....and then after the MGN3, 102.  I hope this is the beginning
of a trend.  I think they sell the stuff as boosting natural killer cells.
I will let you know about the next marker next month.

Right now, I am continuing about the same.  I am tired, still having trouble
with an upset stomach and occasional throwing up.  I found a lovely doctor
at Sloan who is going to do my stereotactic...if I need it.  He wants to
wait a few weeks until closer to Thanksgiving...he says I might not need it.

When I get it together, I am going back to my doctor at Sloan.  My husband
has arranged with his boss to even take one day off a week...he'll make it
up on Saturday.  And right now, there's no indication I'll need that much

Otherwise, we are having a lovely, if cold Fall...and I am very tired of
having no hair.  In the course of all the nausea and vomitting, I lost 30
pounds...Clothes fit that never fit before; at least I can't remember when!

Love, Hugs and Prayers to all,


P.S.:  The lady who told me about the MGN3 runs our local pet shop.  I
bought a parakeet; we named it Ralph.  I left the lady a note of thanks and
for the big Mollucan Cockatoo, Winston, that I always go to visit, I bought
a piece of pizza.  They said it loves cheese.

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