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[MOL] New Rad Delivery/lung.breast/colon news.....

In the News!!

Scientists Locate Chromosome Related to Liver Cancer
Joint research by Chinese and American scientists revealed that the transfer of liver cancer cells is closely related to the absence of the short arm of the eighth chromosome.

Vitamin A Derivative May Help Protect Young Women
A clinical trial with a vitamin A derivative, fenretinide, has provided firm evidence that it protects younger patients in early stages of the disease against the formation of a second breast cancer.

New DNA Detector For Colon Cancer
A new non-invasive DNA test of stool samples can accurately screen for colon cancer and may be only three years away from general use, Mayo Clinic scientists reported today.

New Radiation Delivery Method
Doctors have found a new method to deliver higher doses of radiation to cancerous tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

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