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Re: [MOL] Question for ALL MOLERS

Thanks Claire.  My father will accept whatever they offer, whatever they do. 
When it comes to doctors, he doesn't want to make waves!

I learned something new tonight though.  I was under (a myriad of) the wrong 
impression that he had radiation once a week for 6 weeks (6 mos. ago).  I 
knew he went to the Dr daily, but didn't know he had rad daily. Turns out he 
didn't have only 6 shots of rad, but 36.

Sometimes I think I'd be better off if I knew *nothing* - nothing of my 
father's care , and nothing of cancer information in general.  I feel like I 
am being daily armed with info from this group and then have to sit here 
helplessly with all these weapons that are totally useless.

I also learned tonight from my stepmother that the Dr. who installed the port 
thinks he saw "something" on the x-ray near my father's collar-bone. She 
didn't tell my Dad because he wants to "give up" - he says, "What's the use?" 
 She did mention it to the oncologist's nurse though, thank God.

Well, thanks for listening Claire.  -chris
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