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Lung Cancer : Early Detection Can Save Lives
By: Eric C. Rost, M.D.

Many people, including some physicians, believe that lung cancer is an 
untreatable and incurable disease. This is a major cause of a lung cancer 
morbidity that we face today. This nialistic attitude causes complacency in 
the medical care delivered to patients at high risk for lung cancer. It also 
allows a less than enthusiastic approach approach to treatment. 
Lung cancer is treatable.
Lung cancer can be curable if found early enough.

There has been new developments in the screening of lung cancer by spiral CT 
scanning. This has demonstrated that lung cancer, of any type, can be 
detected at a much earlier stage than with standard radiographic procedures, 
i.e. chest X-ray. This procedure which uses commonly found technology in our 
new 21st century is not currently covered by most insurances. However the 
early detection of lung cancer increases the treatment options. Surgery can 
play a more important and more definitive role. Radiation, especially three 
dimensional conformal therapy can be much more effective. The complications 
of treatment can be reduced many fold by early detection.

Some medical professionals claim that a negative CT scan in a high risk 
patient may reduce their personal fear of cancer and thus allow the patient 
to continue to smoke, however, I believe this is a patronizing attitude 
towards a habit which is often used as an excuse to focus blame. I do not 
believe it is in the realm of medical responsibility to assess guilt. We 
should maintain our primary goal of treatment with compassion and 

It is my desire to have everyone realize the technological advances that are 
available to them. By insisting on the use of these techniques we can reduce 
the morbidity and increase the cure rate of lung cancer. This knowledge will 
increase the level of understanding for treatment by all physicians.
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