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Several MOLers have written about the problem of over-solicitous care givers.  I felt my daughter was falling into that category and showed her the following excerpt from a letter from Lillian

Lillian wrote:

....When I first came home my husband watched every move.  Took everything I did away.  (Of course I was not up to any of it; but it's the feeling one gets.)  One day I had to sit down and talk to him.  Told him I understood that many times I did not make sense when I talked; but knew inside my head what I was trying to say.  That I could only do one little chore and then take a nap; but not to clip my wings.  That I had to be able to fly.  Even if it meant I would fall and get hurt (which I did a few times).
I was worried that my daughter's feelings would be hurt because she tries so hard to make things easy for me. However, she understood immediately what I meant (or rather, what Lillian meant) and our life together has been much more relaxed ever since.  It's a shame to think how worried one can get over something that turns out to be so easy to fix.  Claire