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Re: [MOL] Question for ALL MOLERS/reply

I can only share my dads experience with you.  Regarding chemo - the doctor 
writes the order and the nurses administer it via iv.  He currently goes to 
the hospital on Mondays and Thursdays for blood work, etc.  Each of these 
visits DOES include a consultation with the doctor.

One thought - is he being seen by the physicians assistant? If that is the 
case they are usually side by side with communication regarding treatment.  
My dads P.A. is so wonderful, we feel very confidant in her words and 
explanations of things.  She is constantly speaking with Dr. Erba and if we 
feel the need for a discussion with him , he stops in to see us.  I'm not 
sure this helps you much....

  I hope you get to the bottom of this and your questions get answered.  
Sometimes the biggest frustration is not knowing...

My best regards.


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