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Re: [MOL] chilling cancer article/YEP !

Thanks Joicy and Lillian, you are so right about this cancer
cure knowledge. I would like to see how much cancer drug
stocks the cigarette companys holds, and so on.....Beav

Joicy wrote:

>  Lillian, what I find terribly upsetting is when a company
> like this stands to benefit BOTH WAYS -- they make big
> bucks causing the disease with the chemicals they produce,
> and then more big bucks producing drugs to treat it! We
> have to educate ourselves, not just about the particular
> cancers we're each fighting, but about the real causes of
> it, so we can stop it at it's sources.
> Cures are not enough! We need to get to the root of it,
> and fight the CAUSES of cancer! Love, Joicy
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>      Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:44:27 -0800
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>      Subject: Re: [MOL] chilling cancer article/YEP !
>      Joicy wins the prize, I was wondering who would
>      not only read the abstracts; but also go into
>      the article links.  My daughter saw her doctor
>      today and he did a small math test produced by
>      "TAMOXIFEN" and it put her slightly up on the
>      scale as a possible breast cancer risk.I told
>      her that we had very little cancer in our
>      family, except for me and I had enough for
>      everyone, that we had more nuts than cancer
>      patients.  I then explained to her what all this
>      company is doing.  Gosh Joicy, remember when we
>      were first on the forum the brawl I caused
>      simply because I questioned Tamoxifen?   I
>      realize that I am a pain in the butt with all
>      the information I send; but it behooves people
>      to read it.  So much of cancer is general and
>      alike.  Sure, I know it's boring; but if we can
>      save one person or help one person we want it to
>      be one of our Moler friends.  Love, lillian
>      We invite you to take a look at our Album.
>      <>
>       ( Very informational, good tips, Molers
>      pictures, art work and much more....
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>           Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 6:43 AM
>           Subject: [MOL] chilling cancer article
>           Friends, I followed the links on one
>           of the articles Lillian sent, and
>           thought the following was an important
>           read, NOT just for breast cancerers!
>           It's called "Seeing Deception is your
>           Only Protection: The Breast Cancer
>           Awareness Month Story, By Sherrill
>           Sellman.
>           I have always been angered by the
>           outright misleading motto of Breast
>           Cancer Awareness Month, that "Early
>           Detection is Your Best Protection".
>           The National Cancer Institute stated
>           in 1995 that "Breast cancer is simply
>           not a preventable disease!" How does
>           early discovery PREVENT what you've
>           already got?
>           Below is an excerpt from the article
>           which I think you'll find interesting.
>           Sadly, I suspect this is only the tip
>           of the iceberg in causes of cancer and
>           conflicts of interest. Love and
>           prayers, Joicy
>           Did you know:
>                Breast cancer Awareness
>                month's primary sponsor and
>                mastermind is Zeneca
>                Pharmaceuticals (now
>                AstraZeneca), manufacturer
>                of the controversial and
>                widely prescribed breast
>                cancer drug, tamoxifen. All
>                TV, radio and print media
>                are paid for and must be
>                approved by AstraZeneca!
>                It is less known that Zeneca
>                also makes herbicides and
>                fungicides. One of their
>                products, the organochlorine
>                pesticide, acetochlor is
>                implicated as a causal
>                factor in breast cancer.
>                It's Perry, Ohio chemical
>                plant is the third largest
>                source of potential
>                cancer-causing pollution in
>                the US, spewing 53,000
>                pounds of recognized
>                carcinogens into the air in
>                1996.
>                Perhaps we can forgive
>                Zeneca's involvement with
>                carcinogenic chemicals,
>                since it researched and
>                patented the most popular
>                breast cancer treatment,
>                Tamoxifen, grossing 500
>                million dollars annually.
>                Perhaps not. On May 16, 2000
>                the New York Times reported
>                that the National Institute
>                for Environmental Health
>                Sciences listed substances
>                that are known to cause
>                cancer. Tamoxifen was
>                included in that list!! 7
>                It is known that tamoxifen
>                causes uterine cancer, liver
>                cancer and gastrointestinal
>                cancer. After just two to
>                three years of use,
>                tamoxifen will increase the
>                incidence of uterine cancer
>                by two -three times. The
>                treatment for uterine cancer
>                is an hysterectomy. In
>                addition, tamoxifen
>                increased the risk of
>                strokes, blood clots, eye
>                damage, menopausal symptoms,
>                and depression.
>                The biggest shock of all is
>                the fact that tamoxifen will
>                increase the risk of breast
>                cancer! The journal Science
>                published a study from Duke
>                University Medical Center in
>                1999 showing that after 2-5
>                years, tamoxifen actually
>                initiated the growth of
>                breast cancer!
>                So, Zeneca, the originator
>                of Breast Cancer Awareness
>                month is the manufacturer of
>                carcinogenic petrochemicals,
>                carcinogenic pollutants and
>                a breast cancer drug that
>                causes at least four
>                different types of cancer in
>                women, including breast
>                cancer. Is something wrong
>                with this picture?
>           For the full article, go to
>           ttp://

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