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[MOL] Thoughts...

My sister sent me this when I asked for christmas gift ideas:

Subj:    Re: My List for Santa
Date:   10/31/00 12:59:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   starfire@eclipse.net (Starfire33)
To: rajray@lucent.com (Ray, Rajarshi)

heres mine:

1) To grow closer to God
2) To grow into more of the kind of person I'd admire and respect
3) To live up to my beliefs and philosophies
4) To live my life in a manner that I can take pride in regardless of what
anyone else
     or the world is doing to me or or otherwise.
5) To have enough resourses to pay my bills with ease and not resent or yearn
for what
       others may have.
6) To have enough resourses (financial, emotional,physical) to be in a
position to help others.
7) To be blessed with good health (mental, physical,emotional)
8) To recognize who I am  and to Whom I belong in the midst of craziness.
9) To be able to stand up and fight for what I believe AND to know when it's
       not worth the fight because the losses are greater than any possible
10) To be able to receive and express love to the fullest of my capacity
11) To be a living inspiration of a person who walks in faith
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