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Re: [MOL] Cholangiocarcinoma

Welcome to our wonderful forum Sher.  I don't happen to be one that has had this cancer but I'll bet our Lillian will dig up something for you.  Hang in there you'll probably hear from several of our members.


Ron Thompson wrote:

Hello, I am looking for any other person who has been diagnosed with this very rare cancer.  Can't seem to find much information on this type of cancer on the internet and thought it might be useful to share stories or chat with other cancer survivors diagnosed with a cholangiocarcinoma tumour.  I am 44 years old and recently had surgery on July 25,2000 to remove a quarter size tumour and am doing very well.  My young, hepatic surgeon is very positive and believes that it was confined to the bile duct where he removed it.  I think he is right and I wondered if I could be of any help to someone else just by sharing information. Look forward to hearing from you. Sher