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[MOL] >I made my cool color business card online for FREE!


I designed my own personal color business card online. I checked out a lot of business card websites, and I found the way coolest one of all.

 It's creative, easy, and doesn't take long - plus it's a lot of fun. I chose my color background from 1001 images and layouts and added my own text, font, size and color.

I thought the technology and products were so cool I became an affiliate.

Try it out by visiting this link: http://www.makeacoolcard.com/a/panmagic

Right now, you can design your own card for FREE and get a FREE high resolution jpeg (a $9.00 value) emailed to you.

 This jpeg lets you print your own color cards on your own printer at home (offer good until December 21, 2000). I printed cards on my Epson Color Printer on high quality paper and they look great.

If you want professionally printed color cards, you can order them through the website for as little as $30.00. If you ever had color cards printed, you know this is a great value.

Personalized color cards have many more uses than business cards. They can announce your holiday events or parties. You can hand them out or send them as invitations or special announcements.

You can put your new personalized card on custom gifts and fun products.

Make your own collectibles to commemorate special events.
* mugs and can coolers,
* ball caps and t-shirts,
* luggage tags and mouse pads,
* and even a unique cake top - to show off at parties!



Best of all, the affiliate program is one of the best I've seen.
* Earn 15% of all Internet Business Card revenues from your website (not including tax and shipping).

 For example, if your site generated $1000.00 revenues in a month, you would earn $150.00.

* Earn 5% of all Internet Business Card revenues from new affiliates who sign up from your website. (I will make this from your sales if you become an affiliate on my site).

* Save 15% on all subsequent Internet Business Card orders with your 15% earnings.

Plus, the company will personalize your affiliate site home page with the color business card you designed, just like they did for me at:


Robert at Panmagic

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