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Re: [MOL] Update on Chuck and Lillian

I'll be praying for you Lillian that this will all come out
okay. You might have to jump another hurdle or two. Our home
health nurse had a really bad asthma attack but she has
asthma and said she felt it was from getting to stressed and
working to hard.  I'm sending you some cyber TLC and (((((
hugs for u Lillian))))). Love u,   Beav

Lillian wrote:

>    Hello friends, have been keeping up as much as I can.
> Chuck is doing very well and I have not improved.  Went to
> my doctor today ad he feels t is my heart; so I will hear
> from him Monday for tests.  I still think it was an asthma
> attack; but what do I know?  My doctor said anyone can
> have a asthma attack at any stage in life and yet not have
> asthma.  Has anyone heard of this?  Just the same I am
> playing it cool., do next to nothing and sleeping away.
> Missing all of you, love, lillian We invite you to take a
> look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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