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Re: [MOL] chilling cancer article

I have the feeling that it is the tip of the iceberg Joicy,
thanks for posting that...Take Care,  Beav

Joicy wrote:

>  Friends, I followed the links on one of the articles
> Lillian sent, and thought the following was an important
> read, NOT just for breast cancerers! It's called "Seeing
> Deception is your Only Protection: The Breast Cancer
> Awareness Month Story, By Sherrill Sellman.
> I have always been angered by the outright misleading
> motto of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that "Early
> Detection is Your Best Protection". The National Cancer
> Institute stated in 1995 that "Breast cancer is simply not
> a preventable disease!" How does early discovery PREVENT
> what you've already got?
> Below is an excerpt from the article which I think you'll
> find interesting. Sadly, I suspect this is only the tip of
> the iceberg in causes of cancer and conflicts of interest.
> Love and prayers, Joicy
> Did you know:
>      Breast cancer Awareness month's primary sponsor
>      and mastermind is Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (now
>      AstraZeneca), manufacturer of the controversial
>      and widely prescribed breast cancer drug,
>      tamoxifen. All TV, radio and print media are
>      paid for and must be approved by AstraZeneca!
>      It is less known that Zeneca also makes
>      herbicides and fungicides. One of their
>      products, the organochlorine pesticide,
>      acetochlor is implicated as a causal factor in
>      breast cancer. It's Perry, Ohio chemical plant
>      is the third largest source of potential
>      cancer-causing pollution in the US, spewing
>      53,000 pounds of recognized carcinogens into the
>      air in 1996.
>      Perhaps we can forgive Zeneca's involvement with
>      carcinogenic chemicals, since it researched and
>      patented the most popular breast cancer
>      treatment, Tamoxifen, grossing 500 million
>      dollars annually. Perhaps not. On May 16, 2000
>      the New York Times reported that the National
>      Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
>      listed substances that are known to cause
>      cancer. Tamoxifen was included in that list!! 7
>      It is known that tamoxifen causes uterine
>      cancer, liver cancer and gastrointestinal
>      cancer. After just two to three years of use,
>      tamoxifen will increase the incidence of uterine
>      cancer by two -three times. The treatment for
>      uterine cancer is an hysterectomy. In addition,
>      tamoxifen increased the risk of strokes, blood
>      clots, eye damage, menopausal symptoms, and
>      depression.
>      The biggest shock of all is the fact that
>      tamoxifen will increase the risk of breast
>      cancer! The journal Science published a study
>      from Duke University Medical Center in 1999
>      showing that after 2-5 years, tamoxifen actually
>      initiated the growth of breast cancer!
>      So, Zeneca, the originator of Breast Cancer
>      Awareness month is the manufacturer of
>      carcinogenic petrochemicals, carcinogenic
>      pollutants and a breast cancer drug that causes
>      at least four different types of cancer in
>      women, including breast cancer. Is something
>      wrong with this picture?
> For the full article, go to
> ttp://

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