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[MOL] High Fat Diet NOT a cause of breast cancer!

...in fact, this study shows just the OPPOSITE. See the interesting results
of a new study at Harvard. Love and prayers, Joicy

High Fat Diet NOT Linked With Increased Estrogen In Postmenopausal
    [10/30/2000; Doctor's Guide]

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- October 30, 2000 -- There's no evidence that
a high fat diet predisposes older women to breast cancer, researchers
from Harvard Medical School report.

It has long been thought that dietary fat can increase production
of sex hormones, including estrogen, which could put women at
risk for breast cancer, especially older women. But this study
of 381 postmenopausal women - the largest and most detailed of
its kind - found just the opposite.

The researchers found that women in the study who ate less fat
than typical actually had higher levels of estrogen in their
blood, making it unlikely that eating a low fat diet will lead
to lower levels of estrogen.

"This is good news for women. It's one less thing they need to
worry about if they are concerned about breast cancer,: said
the study's lead author, Michelle Holmes, MD, DrPH. "We found
no evidence that higher fat intake is associated with higher
levels of any reproductive hormones in this group of postmenopausal

Dr. Holmes added that lowering fat intake to reduce hormone levels,
and thus risk of breast cancer, probably isn't a useful strategy.
"It does not seem likely that eating a low-fat diet in mid-life
can lower hormone production," Dr. Holmes said.

The full article can be found at:


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