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[MOL] chilling cancer article

Title: chilling cancer article
Friends, I followed the links on one of the articles Lillian sent, and thought the following was an important read, NOT just for breast cancerers! It's called "Seeing Deception is your Only Protection: The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Story, By Sherrill Sellman.

I have always been angered by the outright misleading motto of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that "Early Detection is Your Best Protection". The National Cancer Institute stated in 1995 that "Breast cancer is simply not a preventable disease!" How does early discovery PREVENT what you've already got?

Below is an excerpt from the article which I think you'll find interesting. Sadly, I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg in causes of cancer and conflicts of interest. Love and prayers, Joicy

Did you know:

Breast cancer Awareness month's primary sponsor and mastermind is Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca), manufacturer of the controversial and widely prescribed breast cancer drug, tamoxifen. All TV, radio and print media are paid for and must be approved by AstraZeneca!

It is less known that Zeneca also makes herbicides and fungicides.
One of their products, the organochlorine pesticide, acetochlor is implicated as a causal factor in breast cancer. It's Perry, Ohio chemical plant is the third largest source of potential cancer-causing pollution in the US, spewing 53,000 pounds of recognized carcinogens into the air in 1996.

Perhaps we can forgive Zeneca's involvement with carcinogenic chemicals, since it researched and patented the most popular breast cancer treatment, Tamoxifen, grossing 500 million dollars annually. Perhaps not. On May 16, 2000 the New York Times reported that the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences listed substances that are known to cause cancer. Tamoxifen was included in that list!! 7

It is known that tamoxifen causes uterine cancer, liver cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. After just two to three years of use, tamoxifen will increase the incidence of uterine cancer by two -three times. The treatment for uterine cancer is an hysterectomy. In addition, tamoxifen increased the risk of strokes, blood clots, eye damage, menopausal symptoms, and depression.

The biggest shock of all is the fact that tamoxifen will increase the risk of breast cancer! The journal Science published a study from Duke University Medical Center in 1999 showing that after 2-5 years, tamoxifen actually initiated the growth of breast cancer!

So, Zeneca, the originator of Breast Cancer Awareness month is the manufacturer of carcinogenic petrochemicals, carcinogenic pollutants and a breast cancer drug that causes at least four different types of cancer in women, including breast cancer. Is something wrong with this picture?

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