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[MOL] Re: Pauli ;)

Hey Pauli:

How is that laundry coming along?  You made me laugh.  I had just put my 4th  
load in before I read your email.  The fourth child has put me over the 
top!!!!   I believe you had 20,000 tons .   LOL  

My dad's kidneys are damaged and he need to drink at least 1 gallon on water 
daily to help flush them.  His level was as high as 1.7 . The doctor said if 
it reaches 2.0 he might as well pick out his casket!!!!  Daddy said drinking 
all this water is more difficult than the chemo and transplant.  He is 
loosing weight like crazy.  It's not the water that is difficult (in my 
opinion) I think he starting loosing his will to live.  He is getting tired 
of living in a plastic bubble.  Every time he does anything, my mom makes a 
big deal of it.  She is just concerned but I can see how he feels like a 
toddler learning to walk.  He doesn't have much control over his actions and 
is constantly being watched.

I had a talk with my siblings about this and I feel the best thing we can do 
is to remind my dad what he has to live for.  Not to be so fragile with him.  
Try to have life go back to some sort of "normalcy".  I don't know if this 
will work  but the other approach isn't....   Any suggestions?

What is new on your end?  How is that Moffit appeal going? You have got to be 
going CRAZY with the kids, school, the death of your grandma and of course 
your dad....  How is your husband throughout this?  It appears that he must 
be very supportive for you.  I hope this is the case.  As for the 
antidepressant drugs...
I find a nice glass of red wine works pretty good....

Write when you can.  I hope your reports go well.

Hugs back at ya!!!
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