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[MOL] Some educational abstract worth your time....

Want to Know if You are Eating Genetically Modified (GM) Food? There is a great site where you can find out what foods contain GM ingredients. The site "True Food Shopping List: How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food" was developed by Greenpeace and is very comprehensive. So many foods now have GM ingredients that it would probably have been easier to list the foods NOT containing any GM ingredients.
Older Birth Control Pills May Cause Cancer - Older generation birth-control pills may have significantly increased breast cancer risk among some women who took them. Although the risk was confined to women who used "the pill" prior to 1975, that doesn't necessarily mean that newer versions won't show the same or similar effects sometime down the road.
Antipsychotic Drugs Cause Blood Clots - People who take antipsychotic drugs, even those who are young and otherwise healthy, face an increased risk for potentially fatal blood clots, researchers report. These findings encompass a wide range of medications for schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, dementia, autism, and other brain disorders.
Current Thyroid Testing Inadequate - Here is more information from the British Medical Journal reinforcing the fact that the current "normal" range for TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is too high. Large numbers of individuals with clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism are not being diagnosed due to this misunderstanding.
Thermography for Breast Cancer - Thermographic breast screening is brilliantly simple. Thermography measures the radiation of infrared heat from the body and translates this information into anatomical images.
GM Corn Scandal Continues - The current controversy over unapproved genetically modified corn winding up in the food supply continues to grow. The contamination was brought to light after Friends of the Earth had some taco shells tested and the unapproved for human consumption StarLink Corn was discovered. The following is a brief summary of some events surrounding this ongoing issue.
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