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[MOL] Edema

My mother has lung cancer, diagnosed in 1998.  You've seen my sister, Susan 
(Suzecicc), ask questions on this forum before and your advice has always 
been helpful to both of us.
Mom went into the hospital this past Thursday and was discharged Friday.  
They admitted her because her oxygen level was extremely low although she was 
on portable oxygen with a cannula and a concentrator at home.  Her feet were 
very swollen.  They placed her on oxygen with a mask and within 12 hours, she 
was doing well enough to be switched to a cannula again at a much higher 
liter of oxygen than we normally use at home.  Ruled out fluid on the lungs 
and blood clots and sent her home with more steroids and antibiotics.

We have noticed a pattern in that every time she has bronchitis or any form 
of fluid on the lungs, her feet swell with edema.  This seems to go away once 
the virus (or whatever) is treated with antibiotics.  However, this time they 
discharged her once the white blood count was lowered and she seemed to be 
doing better.  Once home, her feet started to swell and they are now very 
"fat" with edema.  We have her at the highest level possible on the 
concentrator which is 5-6 liters.  Has anyone else experienced this problem 
when there is a low amt of oxygen saturation?  If so, are there masks 
available that one can use at home to get a higher level of oxygen both thru 
the mouth and the nose? Or does anyone have experience with the edema?  Her 
ring fingers are not swollen at all.  It is only the feet, legs and ankles. 

Thank you for your help.
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