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Re: [MOL] can you help?/reply

I am not familiar with this type if cancer but my dad underwent chemo 4 times 
with platelets as low as 2000.  If we ever got to 20,000 , we were rejoicing. 
 The rule which our hospital goes by is less than 10,000 before platelets are 

I am not familiar with your part of NY.  I am listing a few Hospitals of 
Excellence in the state of New York.  If you are not at one, my 
recommendation is to call one.  If you are at one of these I would strongly 
suggest a 2nd and 3rd opinion if necessary.
Good Luck.

Cornell University School    Sloan-Kettering Institute, NY NY
New York Medical College  Zalmen A. Arlin Cancer Center  Volhalla, NY
N.Y. School of Medicine  Manhasset NY
University of  Rochester  Rochester NY

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