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Another drug that boosts platelets is Neumega; but  I am unable to know which one is the better or faster acting. Welcome to our forum, your friend, lillian
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Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2000 7:58 PM
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Anti-anemia shots seem too obvious but is it possible they might work?  Claire

Cinder3ella@aol.com wrote:

I am not sure if youcan help me, but My ex-husband is going through a rough
time because he has liver cancer and hepatitus c and he can not have any
chemo or any other therphy for the cancer because his blood platlets are so
low. They are about 40,000. do you know of anything that a doctor can do to
bring them up so he has a chance to live? Right now is is just going to die
because they say with low platlets there is nothing they can do. We are
scared and sick over this. We have 3 teenage boys who are terrified, and a
new granddaughter. He just turned 45. Can you help us?  His name is Michael
Castelli and my name is cindy Anthony. We live in Binghamton, NY.  Thank You,
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