[MOL] Rememberance of our Richie and Vicci! [01242] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Rememberance of our Richie and Vicci!

My Dear Vicki:  I have never forgotten the day when you first came on line.  The stories we traded, the ups and downs of Riches cancer journey.  Your loving devotion.  Your hard work to keep two families whole.  Your unselfishness, your fear, your weariness.  Your hope and prayers, all are mine to keep close to my heart as I remember one hell of a mother/woman.  Lovingly, lillian

As we seek to find comfort from one another on this forum and from God in dealing with this terrible tragedy. We cannot say enough about the valor of this brave young man. Words alone will not comfort us. We must seek the assurance of our faith.

Even though we are filled with grief at the sacrifice of a good man.  Our hearts are filled with tremendous respect for Rich's courage, his inner strength which gave him the dauntless will to fight.

Hearts filled with gratitude and in awe at the creation of this man.  Wishing to comfort his children who lost their father, his wife, his loving parents for their lost.

Our very noblest feelings reflect love. And through our grief, we must recognize that. And so we honor them.

But more important, I believe, is that God honors him. He takes them to Himself and says, "Welcome. Welcome home. You have done your job well, as a faithful servant."

And some day, perhaps not in this life, but surely in the next, we will understand this tragedy, and we will understand that as great as this tragedy is, God's love is greater. On that day, we will stand together and thank God for life, for each other and for His love.

Until that day, we must bear our grief. But we must also give thanks to God for men such as Rich.

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