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Re: [MOL] Update on Chuck and Lillian/asthma

In a message dated 10/28/2000 1:33:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> My doctor said anyone can have a asthma attack at any stage in life and yet 
> not have asthma.  Has anyone heard of this?  Just the same I am playing it 
> cool., do next to nothing and sleeping away. Missing all of you, love, > 

Never heard it put that way, Lillian.  But as I have had only 2 (severe) 
asthma attacks in my life - one at 18 and one at 45 - I don't really consider 
myself asthmatic, yet had asthma attacks.  I think they were due to contact 
with extreme amounts of allergans.  Can't remember what set it off earlier, 
but the 2nd one came after a building next to work had been sand-blasting 
daily for about 2 weeks.  Every day there was about 1/4" dust on my car!  And 
every day I was breathing in that dust too. Finally it was too much for my 
lungs.  -chris
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