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Re: [MOL] Our beautiful son has gone to heaven

Vicci, I am touched and so very sorry for your loss.  As a mother, I know 
that to lose a child at any age is the greatest cross a person can bear.  You 
said that your last words were that you would see each other soon.  Those 
were my mother's last words when she was 43 and I was 21.  Here I am, at 48, 
and sometimes it seems like yesterday that she said that.  So yes, it really 
isn't long until we see other again because God keeps their memories fresh in 
our hearts no matter how much time passes between their departure and ours. I 
try to think that she is there with Jesus helping to "prepare a place for me" 
- and being very specific about it as she was in life.  I  pray that God 
carries you through the difficult and sometimes lonely times between now and 
the time you are reunited.  -chris
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