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[MOL] Our beautiful son has gone to heaven

Dear Mol friends,
Richie passed away yesterday, October 26, 2000 at 1:20 a.m.
He fought a valiant fight....he did not want to leave us but his body would
not let him fight any longer.  He lived everyday of this cancer journey with
a will that I find extraordinary.  He never gave up, until the final days
before he passed.  He was telling us all good-bye and we told him that we
would be with him soon.  We loved him so much and hated saying good-bye but
we had to let him go.  We will have a "Celebration of Life" this Sunday and
all his friends and family will gather to share the love that connect us
I want to thank all the wonderful people that have helped me through these
last couple of years.
You were my main support and I have met people here that mean the very world
to me.  I won't sign off very soon, I don't think, as I'm way to used to
having a ton of emails waiting from all my MOLer friends.  This group is
very much a part of me and I would feel very lost without hearing about how
everyone is doing.  Lillian, I hope you are better from your crash and that
Chuck is doing better too. My love to you both.  Nanc, I'm so sorry to hear
about Don and your mom.  Rich was pretty disoriented and this can be such a
stressful time. I know it was for us.  Take good care of yourself so you can
keep fighting that fight.  Much love to you.
Joicy, can you send me a wonderful passage from the bible that we can read
or the pastor can read at our Celebration of Life.  I hope you are doing
well and I think of you often.
Take care EVERYONE!!  From the bottom of my heart.........Vicci

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