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[MOL] tamoxafin

I am 56 years old and have just undergone centinal node lumpectomy for
breast cancer.  I will be starting chemotherapy in a few weeks to be
followed by some radiation therapy.  after this my doctor suggests that
I go on tomoxafin for 5 years.

I am not comfortable with this because after reading about the MANY
SEVERE side affects (blood clots, endometrial cander, liver
problems.etc/) I am not sure that the prevention is worth it.  I have
read about the new raloxafin and although they seem to be testing in
people who have never had cancer, it sound like something better for me
to take.  My lymph node were negative and the lumpectomy had full clean
margins, it was stage one and 1.5 centemeters.

Can you advise, please.

Marie Schneider

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