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[MOL] Diana re:Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Hi, Diana,
I only have a few minutes and will write more later, but I want to welcome you to a great site for those on the cancering journey. I know your head is reeling, you are in shock and overwhelmed. All of us have had similar feelings! I am a 5-year Stage 2 breast cancer survivor; have had a mastectomy and chemo; and let me just say that YOU are going to be a survivor also!!! 

I, too, was told "it's probably nothing" (and for most folks it is). But now you are doing what you need to do -- researching, finding out what you can, getting prepared for the battle. There are other breast cancer survivors in this group, and I am sure you will hear from them also. We will send you other sites to check out that will help you in the decision-making process, in coping with the news, etc.

The first question I have, though, is are you getting a 2nd opinion? And are you confident that you are getting the best care possible? Where are you located? If you haven't signed up for this group, I think you will want to. All messages got to all members, and there are different cancers involved, but we all learn from each other, and all support each other. So try not to worry, ok? You ARE going to make it!

Love and prayers, Joicy

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