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Hi Pauli:

So glad to have you back.  Regarding your kids visiting their Papa - 
Our oncologist said grand kids are the best medicine.  Just use your 
discretion.  If anyone is coughing, sniffles, fever, etc., then no.  The only 
other time I was instructed not to have the kids around was when my dad was 
neutrapenic.  This does not seem to be the case for you.  Check with the docs 
and I am sure he will welcome this idea.

My dad was taken back to the hospital tonight.  High fever.  Not sure what 
the status is yet.  We received the test results from his biopsy.  I HAVE TO 
SPEAK TO THE DOCTORS.  My mom said 95% of his stem cells are my brothers and 
the other 5% are dads.  Are these leukemic? Is this expected?  Will my dads 
take over my brothers?  All these questions need to be answered for me.  I 
left a  message for the doctor to call me early this afternoon. STILL 
WAITING.....  I will call at  8 am and every hour there after tomorrow.  I am 
not sure if we should celebrate or not.

How are you???  I hope school is going well.  What are you going to school 
for anyway? Hey, do you want to hear a  little story? You do?  Okay.  My 
Bobby is 7 and a photographer asked him to be in this calendar for 2001 year. 
 We said yes.   He is November.  Anyway, this calendar is pictures of all 
children and the proceeds go to the Pheobe foundation.  This little girl died 
of cancer at the age of 6 years old.  She had AML.  She died 6 months from 
the day of diagnosis.  That precious little girl never had a chance for a 
bone marrow transplant.  I didn't realize what she had when we said yes.  I 
didn't realize how much Cancer had changed my life....  I find myself asking 
more and more questions about others who are sick, not just with cancer.  The 
awful part is I knew of this calendar for the past few years and I even have 
bought it to help the cause, but I never bothered to ask what kind of cancer 
she died of till now....  I find I care more about what people are saying to 
me.  I don't just hear them, I am starting to listen more... Am I making any 
Just a thought.  Take Care Pauli...
I am here for you.  I care.

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