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It WILL work out, my friend. This world and this life are so very hard, but
your friend IS in a place with no pain or suffering. Won't be long, and
we'll all be with her. In the meantime, I am hoping these new treatments do
the trick for your husband, and that the two of you will have many wonderful
years together, to do all the things you enjoy. Love, Joicy

> Thankyou Joicy, I know somehow things will work out the way they are meant to.
> It was especially hard in Tucson because some friends we made last summer on a
> differant study, well his wife didn't make it. She passed away last month.
> Only 28yrs. old with 2 small children and her husband. I felt so bad for him
> and what they went
> through. I remember her telling me how scared she was and crying and how I
> tried to cheer them up. Life is so hard sometimes but I will always love God
> even though things can look a bit scary at times. Thanks again for your reply
> and prayers......Beav

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