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[MOL] Irish blessing & Colon cancer

I stumbled across your note on an Irish blessing and an earlier note on
colon cancer.

Do you know of any Irish blessings before meals?  I'm trying to find some
for a cook book our church is assembling.

Second, this summer I felt a very small irritation on the innerside of my
right cheek (gludius maximus).  I had a colonoscopy and the discovered a
malignant tumor just inside the rectum.  They operated, removed it
lathroscopically(sp?) and I played golf 2 days later.   Two things now
concern me 1.) I have the small irritation back from time to time and 2.) My
sphincter(sp?) has weaken and I have very little warning before I have to
defecate.  I went to the doctor yesterday but he seemed very unconcerned
about it.  By the way, up to now, I've been healthy as a horse and am not a

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