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[MOL] Freezing of brain tumor

Dear Lillian
This is the first time I've written to the list.  I need some urgent
assistance.  My fater-in-law had surgery during March this year, thereafter
chemotheraphy.  Unfortunately, when he went for his check-up in September,
the scans showed that the tumor had spread and was growing again.  The
doctors do not want to operate (as it is near his brain stem) and they said
that he had received the maximum chemotheraphy allowed.  So, in short, they
advised him to live his life to the fullest as these will be his last days.
He had an epileptic fit on Sunday, and had to receive oxygen yesterday as he
could not breath properly.
I have read Joicy Becker's article about this Dr Patrick Sewell at the
University of Mississippi who froze a tumor of a Willie Henderson.
I need urgent information about that, as we are willing to try ANYTHING.  My
Mom in law even wants to travel to Nigeria to this religious healer who
prays for people to heal them.  But I disagreed, and said we should first
try this doctor's freezing technique.
Is there anyone who can shed some light on the subject?
Thank you
Esmé (Namibia)

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