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Re: [MOL] STRESSED/Reply to Beav!

Beav, does this mean your husband can not start treatment yet?

I am glad that I mentioned Thyroid; but sorry your husband had to be one
with the problem.  Like he needed any additional problems?  I am sure he
will feel somewhat better once his Thyroid meds. kick in.

I am really just coming back to the land of the living.  My husband can also
see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding his hernia.

Beau, it sure is hard on you,  I would be a fool to tell you otherwise; but
kiddo, you gotta stay strong.  What?  What did you mumble?  Easier said than
done?  Girlfriend, I know your right about that.  Here's what you need to
do:  Take your right hand and put it over the left shoulder, take your left
hand and put it over the right shoulder and squeeze with all your ;might.
Throw in some pats after all you deserve some TLC!
Get out a line dance tape and dance by yourself very quietly!  Keeping you
in my heart and prayers, love, lillian

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