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Hi Lillian;
   We went to Tucson today. Not good news on the catscan.
Significant increase of cancer in right pelvic bone. It
scares me because the dr. didn't advise going up on his
morphine (time release). He said to just continue with
daladid pain pills and space them out as long as we can for
they are very toxic and can cause him to stop breathing. He
really hopes that this new trtmt. will shrink the tumor and
the pain will subside. Their first patient is already
getting a response with relief of pain. He did test positive
now(2nd Blood test) for hypothyroid. He started on
medication today. Thankyou so much for telling me about
that. I am really hoping it will help him somehow. He still
has red blood cells in urine and further tests have to be
done to find that out. I'm really stressed today so that
dessert is sounding pretty good!!   Love u.    Beav

Lillian wrote:

>   Remember STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.
> Enjoy!  We invite you to take a look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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