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[MOL] Investor News Bulletin

The Investor-Press provides FREE to subscribers:
Timely market research which is useful in both
short term investing as well as intra day trading.
Each night we scan our database of securities
searching for stocks which have triggered one or more
of our trading indicators. We then broadcast this
information, as well as other stock related stories,
via e-mail to members in the early morning before the
markets open. In our e-mails, we provide entry prices,
sell targets and support levels plus recommendations
for these stocks, so that you can get in and out of the
market while protecting your trading capital.
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In addition to these trading recommendations, we
also maintain a short term model portfolio that out-
lines stocks that we have bought or sold recently so
as to track our performance. In each report we make
buy, sell and hold recommendations based on current
news and/or market out look. Once a week we also recap
sold/closed positions so members can keep track of
our performance and so everyone can keep pace with typ-
ical percentage gains made.

Our mission is simply to provide our subscribers with FREE
valuable and effective tools need to trade confidently.

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