[MOL] G'day! [01065] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] G'day!

G'day Lil and All!
Just popped in after being offline for ages! I see that there are many of my old friends still here, and some who aren't. Could someone bring me up to date on all. What happened to Marty & Barb?
Nance, I see that Don and your Mum are not as good as they were when I was last here.
Lil, you and Chuck don't seem to have been doing that great either. Although one wouldn't know it reading your postings!
I see Chris is still here, and Joicy too.
Much has been happening here 'downunder' too...but that's another story. We have been busy with the olympics...Trying to 'whip those Septic Tanks!' LOL.
In the middle of the paralympics at the moment...trying to do the same again....those flamin' yanks! (*grin*).
You guys have no idea how much I have missed you all, but I do keep you in my prayers...and your ears should be burning regularly as I think about you often.
Anyway, I have subscribed for a little while to see how everyone is doing, then I will be off again to do exams, etc.
Take care,
Love to all