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Re: [MOL] From Chris - my Dad update.../Chris

I will Lillian, but I won't know myself until tomorrow night. He goes in at 
noon for the surgery and he is ADAMANT about not wanting anyone there.  
Virginia says "he wants to hold onto the idea that this is nothing major; 
having anyone else (except her) there will make him feel nervous about it."  
In other words, he doesn't want a "death watch."  I asked Va. if she feels 
SHE needs my support and she said no; I know she does, but she would rather 
not have it at all than go home with an angry fuming husband.  Also, he told 
my sister, he just wants to go home afterward and rest, not feel like he has 
to "entertain" anyone.  I'll have to respect his wishes, Lillian; I work 
about 20 mins from the hosp, so they'll be able to reach me if they need to. 
The hard part is going to be actually trying to pretend to "function" at my 
job tomorrow, knowing what he's going through.  Maybe I'll take the day off 
Wednesday, pick up something for lunch, and pay a short visit that way.  
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