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Title: Medical Breakthroughs
Medical Breakthroughs: First to Know
Reported by Ivanhoe Broadcast News
October 23, 2000
Changes are Here

This week's First to Know Bulletin comes straight from the News Department -- I'm Elizabeth Buchanan, the Executive Producer at Ivanhoe. Our coverage this week includes two incredible cardiac stories. First, doctors in Tampa are using a new type of pacemaker to help people with congestive heart failure. Nearly 50 million Americans have this condition where the heart can't pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. And doctors in Philadelphia have a unique way of helping patients with chronic heart failure -- they put a jacket around the heart to prevent it from growing too large. They hope by reducing the growth, it will also reduce the damage.

Other reports this week fall under the title of natural healing. Dr. Seymour Diamond talks about the benefits of Vitamin B-12 for migraines, while the Children's Medical Center at the University of Virginia offers horticultural therapy as a means of healing. Lastly, we have a story on myofascial release -- it looks like a massage, but it's not. This hands-on technique is designed to lengthen muscle tissue. Treatment providers say it is particularly effective for soft tissue injuries.

And if you come to our site specifically looking for one disease or condition, you're in luck! We have recently modified our medical categories list (on the left side of your screen) and now offer a significant amount of news on each of those 13 topics in something we call a "channel." Whether it's the latest news on stroke or you're looking for ways to prevent obesity in your children ... you can find it all in the channels.

Read on, there's a whole lot more to tell you about ...

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