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Well my dear I hope things are sailing a little smoother for you and
Chuck by now.
Hope you got in touch with McNeil over the weekend. That episode Sat.
night makes me feel you should persue a second opionion on your
I'm sure McNeil does not see that many patients in your situation, and
can't be expected to know all there may be to know on new treatments.
Going some place where they specialize in your problems seems the smart
thing to do at this point. I see you going down...and hope you will take
the steps to see what else can be done for you.  
   If you should decide that you may want to try the Mayo in Jax. I will
be glad to come down and take you. You do NOT have to have a doctor's
referral to go there. You can call and make your own appt. I just don't
know if they have a department for your situation. You mentioned the
name of the type of specialty that you need but I can't remember it.
Please write and tell me what it is and I will try to do some research
on it. (It had to do with the thyroid, and other glands.)
     Well I have to get Gene up. He's going in for a colonoscopy this
morning and we have to be there at 6:30 am.
      Give our best to Chuck. 

My thought for the day...Sell that damn
                                      place !!!!
       Love Carol

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