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[MOL] Myelo fibrosis

I have had myelo fibrosis now for a number of years and am still trying to 
find out more information about it. My spleen, which takes over the work of 
the bone marrow has grown very large in the last 5 years and in the last 20 
months I have had to have 27 blood transfusions as my haemoglobin drops to a 
very low and dangerous level of between 6.5 and 7 %. I am very worried as the 
transfusions have become more and more regular in the last months, the last 
one only 8 days after the 26th. I would like to know from anyone in the whole 
wide world what I could do to improve my health due to this desease as the 
doctors at the surgery where I attend are also mystified and haven't much 
idea at all about the illness.
A reply from someone would be very interesting for me as I was in the earlier 
days a very successful sportsman, and now, due to the lack of oxyxgen to my 
muscles is sport out of the question.
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