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[MOL] Peritoneal Cancer

Hi Lillian,
    I assume this is Lillian.
    I just read your story on Peritoneal Cancer, it is like a script that has 
been repeated and repeated.
    I could have written the same story.  I also went to my doctor who gave 
me pills for stomach cramps and where I am a lactose was told it could have 
been my diet.
    I also had fluid drained and they found ovarian cells and I had a 
hysterectomy 30 years ago.
    I was on vacation and went to a strange doctor who diagnosed the cancer - 
it took a strange doctor not mine who I have been going to for 25 years.  
    I am 59.
    I have been through chemotherapy, unfortunately after a second look 
surgery, I still have more cancer and next week will go on a vaccine they 
made from the tumor they removed in February.  I hope it works.  I hope it 
will at least slow down the cancer.
    It is so important for women and men to take control and follow your 
instinct on your own health and be a pain in the butt if necessary.
    And most important - never give up.
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